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Interview with Ben Manski: “We made this opportunity: Let’s Opportunize!”

A much shorter, modified version of this interview appears in The Progressive Magazine

Corporations and Democracy

It Started in Wisconsin

The rise and fall of Wisconsin’s remarkable 2011 uprising holds lessons for a post-Janus world.

After Trump and Obama: A President’s Day Resolution to Abolish the Presidency

The presidencies of the twentyteens have shown us both the limits of the presidency for a majoritarian progressive politics as well as the beginnings of the dangers of the presidency when wielded by a minority reactionary politics.

Harvey & Irma: Mitigation, Adaptation & Suffering

Right this moment, the staggering effects of climate devastation are apparent across the globe. While kind-hearted souls from all walks of life pitch in to help the victims of climate chaos, organizers and activists working to address the root causes of human-created destruction are continuing to envision what building people power as a movement could look like.

Why Berkeley’s Battle Against White Supremacy Is Not About Free Speech

Outrage at the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville and wanton attacks on peaceful students, clergy, and people of color at the hands of white supremacists kicked off nationwide protests against racist violence, which led to the cancellation of dozens of right-wing rallies and the fall of Confederate monuments from Durham to San Diego. There is much hope in the undeniable public support to resist the so-called alt-right.

The State of Labor

The state of labor on Labor Day, 2017, is precarious, and can only be rectified by a Left, that reasserts class politics and takes its lead from a “universalizing” anti-systemic labor movement.

Highlights from Democracy Convention 2017!

Thank you for all of your support in helping make Democracy Convention 2017 a success! Whether you attended, donated, sponsored, shared information about the Convention or watched a live stream online this year, you helped bring together hundreds of organizers and activists from around the country committed to working across democracy sectors to bring about the system change we envision. In more than 150 sessions across eight conferences and two unique tracks, democracy movement leaders talked about the problems we face, lessons we have learned, strategies for the future and plans for action within a strong, united democracy movement.

Democracy Convention 2017 - Early Bird Registration Now Open!

Registration for the third Democracy Convention is now open! Democracy Convention 2017 is taking place August 2 - 6, at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. This year's theme is "Universalizing Resistance, Democratizing Power!" *Reserve your spot before April 1 and receive a t-shirt at the convention!

Now Hiring: Build the democracy movement

HIRING: Three organizing jobs with the democracy movement

Limited term, part-time work with the Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution

Flexible locations; Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Boston, Minneapolis, or Madison preferred

Compensation $14-22/hr, depending (see below)

  1. Meeting Services: Democracy Convention III

  2. Organizing: Earth Day to May Day

  3. Organizing: SolidarityWith.US

Please join us February 12 for a critical discussion

You are invited to take part in an important conversation on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 4pm PT, 5pm MT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET. The movement for democracy confronts new realities with the inauguration of Donald Trump. What should democracy activists do about those realities, and where should we take our movement in 2017 and beyond? Join us for this critical discussion. We'll first hear from some invited presentations, and then open it up for conversation. Please register for the call and invite friends and family.

Resist and Build! - Tools and Ideas for Action

We know that the first step to building power is through resistance, but resistance alone is not enough. In order to effectively take action to overcome the anti-democratic agenda being implemented from Washington, we must both harness our ability to  resist current plans for taking away our rights, and also continue to build strong local communities dedicated to new solutions that empower the people. To that end, this week’s Democracy News is a compilation of toolkits designed to help people organize and take action in order to not only defend our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors, but also to build people power we will need in order to achieve a truly democratic, equitable, and ecological society.

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Beyond Insurgency to Radical Social Change: The New Situation

Beyond Insurgency to Radical Social Change

The New Situation

John Foran

A history of election interference by the U.S. in foreign countries

...the U.S. has a long and stunning history of attempting to influence foreign presidential elections, recent research by political scientist Dov Levin shows.

HUMANIST: Touchscreen voting machines leave a paperless trail in districts where the polls do not match the results