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We know that the first step to building power is through resistance, but resistance alone is not enough. In order to effectively take action to overcome the anti-democratic agenda being implemented from Washington, we must both harness our ability to  resist current plans for taking away our rights, and also continue to build strong local communities dedicated to new solutions that empower the people. To that end, this week’s Democracy News is a compilation of toolkits designed to help people organize and take action in order to not only defend our friends, family, colleagues and neighbors, but also to build people power we will need in order to achieve a truly democratic, equitable, and ecological society.

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It Takes Roots to Grow the Resistance Narrative Toolkit

This six page toolkit from the powerful partnership of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ), Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and Right to The City Alliance (RTTC) is designed to support movement building through story-based strategies and focuses on growing the resistance through grassroots feminism. You can sign the pledge to grow the resistance and take translocal action by clicking here.


Stay Woke Resistance Manual

Originally started as a project of law student Aditi Juneja, this toolkit gives information about organizing against the current administration’s specific policy goals as well as how to run for office and get involved with local government.


Practical Steps to Take if DACA is Repealed

Trump has promised to repeal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) established in 2012 to allow some undocumented immigrants the ability to obtain a work permit and renewable deferred action from deportation. This guide from United We Dreamprovides 10 practical steps that can be taken to prepare for repeal, as well as 10 additional steps provided by members of the undocumented community based on their experiences and unique knowledge. The organization also provides tools and resources for political education, protecting yourself from immigration raids, and more.


“Build and Fight; Fight and Build” A Program for the Future

Ungovernable 2017 is a movement to resist Trump and to create new economic relationships and governing institutions in order to build power. The simple “Build and Fight” program blends defensive and offensive strategies to not only resist the current administration, but to build the world we envision for the future. Implementation of the plan requires collective organizing and building upon the presented program dimensions.


Social Self-Defense: Protecting People and Planet against Trump and Trumpism

This guide for social self-defense by Jeremy Brecher is an important resource for understanding the power of practiced solidarity. The concept of social self-defense promotes activists forming networks to provide targeted communities with the resources they need to help combat persecution and repression by the government. While we at Liberty Tree have some criticisms of Brecher’s analysis, including the focus on the Democratic Party as the solution in the political arena, the overarching message about the importance of social self-defense at this time is critical. 


Beautiful Trouble Toolbox for Revolution

Beautiful Trouble aims to make grassroots movements more effective and is built by an international network of artist-activist trainers. The web-based “toolbox for revolution” contains many different “modules” including: Tactics,PrinciplesTheoriesCase Studies and Practitioners useful for strategy building and movement education.


Rebel Well: A Starter Survival Guide to a Trumped America

This guide was created to share information helpful in protecting yourself and others as reproductive and healthcare rights are being attacked and was constructed by Scarleteen, a web-based resource providing comprehensive and inclusive sexual education information aimed at teens and young adults, but helpful for everyone. The survival guide contains suggestions for constructive action for everyone as well as targeted individuals coping with the realities of the new administration and its policies, with pages designed specifically to aid people who are being harassedtrans & LGBQ individualspeople of coloractivists and more.


Confronting Fascism e-book

Available for free until January 31, this book from Don Hamerquist and J. Sakai contains “discussion documents for a militant movement” against fascism. Full of experiences and analysis from seasoned anti-fascist activists, this resource documents the history of resistance as well as strategies for continuing the fight. A physical copy of the book can be purchased by clicking here.